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  • Legit/Theatrical (TV, Film & Theater)

Austin's business manager for TV, Film & Theater is:

Creative Talent Company (NY/LA)
Manager: Dave Brenner
New York, NY 

Austin's talent agency for TV, Film & Theater is:

Stone Manners Salners (NY/LA)
New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA

  • Commercials, Industrials & Voiceover

Austin works with the following NYC commercial agencies for On-Camera Commercials, Industrials, and Voiceover:

Innovative Artists
Commercial Department
New York, NY 


Ingber and Associates
New York, NY


Carson Kolker Org. - AboutFace Division
Commercial Department
New York, NY

  • Print Modeling

Austin works with the following NYC modeling agencies for Print Modeling:

Don Buchwald and Associates
Commercial Print and Beauty
New York, NY


Print Division
New York, NY 

  • Hand Modeling

Austin also works with the following NYC specialty agency for Hand Modeling (Commercials and Print):

Parts Model Management
New York, NY 


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